IN SITU is the European platform for artistic creation in public space.

It is led by Lieux publics, European and national centre for artistic creation in public space, located in Marseille (FR). 

Since 2003, it has supported more than 270 artists and brought together 19 partners from 13 countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

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Conversations and reflections connecting artists with audiences, programmers and experts, feeding artistic creation and the network itself.

IN SITU Podcast — Episode 5

Cultural identity

Cultural identity: from identity to inclusivity

How can we define cultural identity? How does it reflect with the work of a programmer, of an artist? How can we define inclusivity? What does it require?How to identify blind spots as artists and programmers?

IN SITU Podcast — Episode 4


Nature: from site-specific art to Nature/Artists interconnection

How has site-specific art evolved with time? How is the Human/Nature relationship built?How can Nature benefit from artistic experimentation? How can Nature and Artists interconnect?What can we do better?

Inside Sauf le Dimanche and Eléctrico 28 Exploratory Residency


Watch and read about a longer, deeper type of residency

In the fall of 2022, the artists Eléctrico 28 and Sauf le Dimanche gathered in Tàrrega, Spain  for an exploratory residency hosted by IN SITU's Partner FiraTàrrega. Responding to the associate artists' need to work more  process-based, to focus on research and exchange, their research laboratory is a telling example of a growing trend within the network.

IN SITU Podcast — Episode 3

Social justice

Social justice: "Artivism" in public space

What is a community? How practice can create communities? How can we facilitate connection?

Kaleider's Tour Diary 2022


Seth Honnor

Seth Honnor, artistic director of Kaleider (UK) and associate artist of Freedom Festival under the (UN)COMMON SPACES project, shares with us part of his European tour through the IN SITU network. With various projects in diffusion ('PIG', 'Robot Selfie', 'The Money', 'The Time it Takes','Fish Mobile'), production and research ('Arch') Seth Honnor offers us an intimate behind the scenes glimpse of an IN SITU artist.

IN SITU Podcast — Episode 2


Communities: from inherited to participatory

What is a community? How practice can create communities? How can we facilitate connection?

IN SITU Podcast — Episode 1

Regeneration of places

A story of art and space

What is public space and how has it evolved? How can art transform this perception?

The IN SITU Podcast is out!

Regeneration of places

Conversations on art and public space from the voices that do it

Halfway through the (UN)COMMON SPACES project, IN SITU is launching the IN SITU Podcast; a series of conversations bringing together the IN SITU community to discuss the realities, trends and challenges of art in public space at the European scale.

Artistic Acupunctures: a dialogue with the civil society

Cultural identity

Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio

What is happening when you let nine artists explore nine European places, asking them to respond to social, cultural and urban local issues?In this podcast Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio, author of the "Acupuncture series", gives insights on the concept of this experimental artistic research project.


Regeneration of places

Live Talk Session

How to reclaim digital and physical public space? Working in public space today

How to connect art and sustainability?


Thomas Lamers

While we see numerous hot-topics emerge, questioning the relationship or even the responsibility that art should have in an evolution towards an inclusive and environmental-friendly society, where do artists and organisers stand? How to foster a holistic approach that can really make a difference?

Artistic Acupuncture, nine European territories under the artistic microscope

Regeneration of places

Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio

"Let’s now open an imaginary window. What do we see? Is this how we imagine public space?"This final article written by Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio completes the entire series of nine articles about the Artistic Acupuncture missions that took place all over Europe.


Collaborations, reflection, conversations… the inside work necessary to keep the dialogue with European cultural policy makers and institutions.