Leonardo Delogu / DOM

Country : Italy

(UN)COMMON SPACES Associate artist

Leonardo Delogu is a performer and a trainer, working as a researcher on movement and landscape.

Born in Narni, Umbria, in 1981, Leonardo began his theater studies in 2002 with the European School for the actor created by Emilia Romagna Teatro, under the artistic direction of Cesare Ronconi and Mariangela Gualtieri of the Valdoca Theater. He continued working as a performer with Valdoca Theater for 12 years.

In 2006, Delogu became passionate about contemporary dance and somatic studies, studying with choreographer Raffaella Giordano and deepening his studies by becoming a trainer in Danza Sensibile, with Claude Coldy. 

In 2009, he began a personal research path that led to the foundation of the collective of artists DOM- together with Valerio Sirna (performer) Helene Gautier (dancer) Mael Veisse (architect and maker) and Arianna Lodeserto (film director, editor and philosopher). DOM- deals with projects in public space, in particular on the relationship between body, movement and landscape.

His research led him to infuse his performative work with other disciplines through collaboration with very talented persons such as the French landscape architect Gilles Clement, the collective of architects CoLoCo and the Italian writer Antonio Moresco.  


Over the years, Leonardo Delogu has curated many cultural projects as creator and organization including: Demetra Association / Palmetta Center, Terni Festival of contemporary creation, in Nutrimenti.