Klaxon Magazine


Klaxon is an electronic Magazine about living arts in public space.

Published by CIFAS, in collaboration with IN SITU, a European network dedicated to artistic creation in the public space, KLAXON publishes two issues per year, in French and English, in PDF, Kindle and e-Book formats.

Thirteen issues have been published focusing on living arts in public space.

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Klaxon 13 : "Taking Action with the Living"

How can creation in public space transform not only our representations of the living, but situations, not only our imaginations but the real? In what formats and with what results? Complementing the previous issue, this 13th opus of Klaxon tackles artivist creation aiming at transforming the world by supporting the living.

With John Jordan & Isabelle Fremeaux, Christophe Meierhans, Lauranne Germond, Camille de Toledo,  Sébastien Thiéry, Pascal Le Brun-Cordier.

Klaxon 12 : "Reconfiguring Ecological Imaginaries"

How can creation in public space transform ou representations of "nature", change our attention regimes, sharpen our sensibilities, and suggest alternative relationships to non-human living beings? Because the imagination is not "a smoke or a sweet dream" but "what bridges the action" (Damasio), because it is urgent to reconfigure our imaginations of the living, Klaxon dedicates this issue to artists concerned with working towards the "recomposition of the world".

With Julie Bordenave, Evelyne Coussens, Pascal Le Brun-Cordier, Marielle Macé, Alessandro Pignocchi, Élisabeth Simonet, Jean-Sébastien Steil, Marine Thévenet, Benoit Vreux, Nina Vurdelja, Estelle Zhong Mengual.

Klaxon 11 : "Artists Creating Urbanity"

More and more artists working in public spaces are no longer just seeking to create in the city, but to create the city. When and how do they fit into the urban factory? What are their operating procedures? What effects do their artistic actions have? What are the challenges and limits of these new modes of urban production? By claiming to have a plural approach to urban spaces, artists stand out from the approaches deployed by professionals who are traditionally in charge of transforming the built environment, whether they are urban planners, engineers or architects. This issue of Klaxon is devoted to what will be called the "factory of urbanity".

With Pascal Le Brun-Cordier, Julie Bordenave, Charles Altorffer, Laurent Petit, Céline Estenne, Hanne Lise Thomsen, Sonia Lavadinho, Jana Revedin, Benoit Vreux. Interviews with Jakob Fenger, Tina Saaby, Katrien Verwilt, Jan Goossens and Sofiane Ouissi.

Klaxon 10 : "Dissent in the City"

Performing art in public space is undeniably consensual, for it operates in shared space. At a time, however, when the institutionally preferred modus vivendi is to claim consensus in order to avoid being challenged, it strikes us as critical that artists not forget the vital role that disagreement, and even conflict, plays in democracy.

With Tunde Adefioye, Kubra Khademi by Véronique Danneels, Joanna Warsza by Emilie Houdent, les gens d’Uterpan  by Jacques André, Mattin by Joel Stern, Dries Verhoeven by Kasia Tórz, Antoine Pickels and Benoit Vreux.

Klaxon 9 : "The City together"

For some years now, we have been witnessing the "singular" resurrection of ideas of sharing, the principles of pooling as well as collective actions and the reinvention of community rules. But, as the American philosopher Judith Butler has underlined, whenever people come together in public space, it is often to demonstrate about the fact that they are being deprived access to it, or that their rights have been flouted or threatened: hence, these gathering are at once an expression of resistance and a sign of vulnerability.

With Peggy Pierrot, Festival di Terni - Chiara Organtini / Linda di Pietro, Robin Pourbaix, Leandre D’Souza - Art02, hello!earth - Carlos Sànchez, Oberliht - Vitalie Sprinceanu, Antoine Pickels / Benoit Vreux.

Klaxon 8: "The Augmented City"

Life teaches us on a daily basis that public space is no longer limited to streets, squares, or even “public” buildings, but nowadays also comprises where we roam on the Web, our digital exchanges, as well as our technological prostheses that steer and find us. Klaxon’s 8th edition zeroes in on this proximity between the digital world and the physical world—specifically in the urban sphere—, and each contribution in this issue at some point grapples with the question of freedom.

With Olivier Razac / Blast Theory (by Mary Brennan) / Dustin Harvey and Adrienne Wong / Ici-Même [Paris] (by Samantha Maurin) / Teatri Oda at Pristina (by Rron Gjinovci) / Digital Arts in Slovakia (by Ivana Rusnakova) / Antoine Pickels and Benoit Vreux

Klaxon 7 : "Between care and terror"

Confronted with terror, what can art do? “Care” was one of the options explored, here by Joan Tronto. This issue also echoes artistic approaches that focus on interactive forms in society in the interest of the other, integrating the notion of care—without yielding to sentimentality in any form.

With Joan Tronto / Zina (by Myriam Sahraoui) / Elvira Santamaria Torres / Anna Rispoli (by Martina Angelotti) / Selma and Sofiane Ouissi (by Ophélie Naessens) / Tne PLACCC events in Budapest (by Andrea Ràdai) / Antoine Pickels and Benoit Vreux.